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February 2016

Woodlawn - Dove Movie Night
Saturday, Febuary 6, 2016 - 7pm


In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player on the Woodlawn High School football team. Their didication to love and unity, in a newly desegregated school filled with racism and hate, leads to the largest high school football game ever played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama, and the rise of superstar Tony Nathan.

All of My Heart - Dove Movie Night
Saturday, Febuary 13, 2016 - 7pm


A young caterer's life suddenly changes course when she inherits a country home and learns she must share it with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader. At first, these opposites do not attract, but feelings begin to change when they find themselves having to work side-by-side to restore their newly acquired home. Stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott and Ed Asner.

March 2016

Prince of Egypt - Dove Movie Night
Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 7pm


The film is an adaptation of the Book of Exodus and follows the life of Moses from being a prince of Egypt to his ultimate destiny to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt