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November 2015

Cinderella - Dove Movie Night
Friday, Nov. 27 @ 7pm


Cinderella is certain to be a new Disney classic. It has everything! Lily James is a warm and kind Cinderella. Richard Madden is a "charming" prince (pun intenede), and Cate Blanchett outdoes herself as the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Helena Bonham Carter seems to relish her role as the quirky fairy godmother or, as she puts it when she first meets Cinderella, her "hairy dog father." The humor is contagious and plentiful. An example of his humor is the scene in which the mice, lizards, and goose are transformed into Cinderella's horses, footmen, and coachman. Watch the half lizard-half footman, half mouse-half horse, half goose-half coachman, and the laughter begins.

Polar Express - Dove Movie Night
Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 7pm


Based on Chris Van Allsburg's 1985 classic children's book. A boy's dream of sneaking a peek at Santa Claus is about to come true when the Polar Express steam train stops in front of his house one Christmas Eve. Boarding several kids along the way, the Train Conductor takes tham on an unforgettable journey toward the North Pole, but they must face a dangerous problem - the terrain of the arctic. Venturing across ice-covered lakes and plummeting down steep mountain cliffs, the Polar Express races to get the children to the North Pole to see Santa before it's too late. This magical, delightful experience is a true holiday treat for kids of all ages. Most adults will cheer too.